Here's an interesting child development truism: Kids who live on hills learn to ride their bikes later than those who live in the flatlands. To get W on her bike, we actually have to drive, with the bike in the back, to a local park. Guess how often that happens? Not often enough to teach a child to learn to ride a bike... but we're trying to be better about it.

And, turns out, if you wait until the kid is nearly 5, it doesn't take too long to teach bike riding!
Jezzie: Here's what I learned today: I love goats. I tried really hard to kiss them--and I finally got one to return my affections. (Although we were to soon learn that he was really just after my hat).

And I was none too pleased when they abandoned me simply because I ran out of goat pellets.

Gyrl trip to the farm...

Snack time. Can you smell the peaches from there? They were sooooo juicy and good!

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