Julie here. (As opposed to the rest of the time, when it's really W or J typing. You're not fooled, are you?) Anyway, I wanted to share this photo and its story.

We came home from work/camp today, greeted by an enthusiastic Jezebel who is getting mighty good at her "HI!s" and welcome home hugs. After a round or two of those, I turned my attention to hanging up raincoats (yes, raincoats), emptying lunch boxes, etc. I turned around to notice the...the nothing. The quiet. The "there is no chatter or child where there is usually much chatter and child." I heard muffled sounds from the upstairs so I quietly approached a closed bedroom door, peeked in and found...
Winnie had tucked Jez into the Book Nook and was reading her a story. Jezebel was rapt--utterly focused on all that was Winnie, as this picture captures. I knew my presence would bust up the moment so I quickly retreated back down the stairs. I went back to the chores at hand and stayed pretty focused for about 10 minutes until I sensed that my time was limited and I just had to grab the camera and get in this one shot.

Jez is not a helpless infant, anymore. Winona "reads" her own books and cares for her li'l sis independent of my requests or suggestions. Most amazing to me is that there is a fast-approaching day when the two of them will most certainly drop their stuff after camp and run off and play... without needing boo from me. That is, all at once, something I anticipate with both longing (oh how I yearn on some days!) and disquiet (what will that be like?) But, what's the point, really, of anticipating at all? Today was hilarious and sweet and really stinkin' cute. Tomorrow will be, too; in its own more grown up ways.


  1. Tears in my eyes! You see motherhood in so much the same way as I do and our girls are growing up so very similarly as far as their loving relationship and friendship with each other. I feel so lucky to witness this in my girls and LOVE seeing it through your eyes too!