Sometimes a Great Notion... like this morning's
notion to get out of town or, more accurately, the house.
It's been a long (and fun!, but long) season of
homey celebrations and I was needing a change of scenery.
 My first inclination was to head to the mountains in
search of snow, but it was already 10 am and
it seemed like a gear-ambitious trek. So I filled a lunchbox
with grabbable snacks, threw a change of clothes, raincoats
 and a silly amount of fleece in the car and announced
that we were going to the coast.
An hour later, we were driving through the Ken Kesey novel
referenced (with an attempt at a visual of the landscape) above.

We started with a trek up to the Lighthouse.
"Mom. The Hat. It's not working for me."

"I'll help you, Jezzie. This is a long hill for your little legs."
(actual quote, unlike previous quote)
We got to the Lighthouse just as a tour
was heading up so we got to climb
the spiral staircase,
see the huge light up close and catch a
breathtaking view....

All of which adds up to a well-deserved snack.

If birds are your thing--meaning,
you can say the word "bird" and
like to follow it up with "tweet!tweet!,"
the coast can keep your attention for hours.
There are more birds out there. I know it.

Fun, damp, refreshing day.

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  1. Looks amazing! Jezzy and Jude and kin, he is a budding bird-watcher as well. I guess it's exciting at all ages.