With all this birthday hoopla, I've been a little
bit in the shadows. No more. I'm one and a half
and have a few things to share with you about
living life as Jezebel Alisa Dean Grossman.

I love to make people laugh. I wake mama up by blowing raspberries
on her belly or forehead. I do a silly back and forth dance with
my tongue hanging out and my arms flailing. I say "tick-tick-tick!" and
reach for your neck or feet to tickle. I have antics.
Lots of antics.

I can often--always--be found getting into stuff.
I'm curious and quick--a dazzling combination if
you see if from my perspective.
Mom and Dad don't always see it that way.

I am a Super Snuggler. Once I've packed all the
running, climbing, pushing, pulling, opening, distributing,
throwing, tasting, chasing and laughing I can into a day,
I really like to snuggle up with a good book.
I give kisses freely and unsolicited... and say
"Ah wuuuuv wooo" which when said by others sounds more like
 "I love you." 

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