A story: The other night, I was singing a lullaby that goes, "God bless the moon and god bless me..." in one part and Winona stopped me to ask, "What is God?" Of course, she had to get me at the end of the day, not right after my morning coffee... so I took a deep breath and blubbered through a few different descriptions and definitions involving phrases like, "invisible" and "touches different people differently" and "a force we can't see, but can feel" type stuff... After a long pause during which I sort of hoped she'd fallen asleep she said, "So, God's like a germ?"

Um, no, not exactly, can we talk about this in the morning? Nope, she needed more info. So the conversation continued and I think I managed to distinguish God from a germ, but in the course of the conversation we'd touched on how one could see germs under a microscope. The topic was changed, without segue, and we moved on.

Then, "Okay, Goodnight, Winnie."
"I want to see it under the microscope." 
"What do you want to see? Germs?"
"No. God."

Well, alrighty-then. Me, too. 


  1. love it! They always ask the deep questions when you are ready to turn off for the day. Jove also likes to always ask these questions in the car, better than right before bed. I have learned to be ready for the on slot of questions anytime we enter the car.