Happy New Year! We think the coming year will be full of parks, princesses, silly stories and songs, dance parties and dress up... 
lots of giggling, some fun adventures, and lots of time together. 

 In case you don't recognize me, I'm Jezebel The Badger Fan. G'ma and KooKoo see to it that we keep the Badger Spirit alive. Bummer Rose Bowl, guys, but I'm still a fan... I've got the pants to prove it
 First Course: Cheese Fondue. Second Course: Chocolate Fondue. 
So far, 2011 is a very good year. 
 We watched the ball drop in Times Square, kissed everyone, drank some fizzy apple cider then spent the night in our tent (in the living room).
 It's been a nice, long run of lazy play days, lots of sunshine (cold! but sunny) and fun days together. Tomorow, mama heads back to work... and I'm taking another day off. Don't want to rush back into things.
As a final holiday treat, we took some of our strawberry jam out of the freezer for our bedtime snack and glopped into onto some buttery bread we made today. mmmm. Wishing you all the sweetest year, yet!!! 

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