It's been typical "change of season" weekend-- rainy, overcast and cold one minute
and sunny and inviting the next. So we did a lot of scurrying into boots and jackets for some
time in the sun and then 
running back inside for indoor activities as the clouds rolled in.

We did some drawing,

 and Popsicle Stick "art"...

and some work in my journal, which is where I do Book Reports now. 
I'm working on a book report on Turtles.

 Then, back outside again to play in our fort!

 And dig for worms.
 I woke mama up this morning with my socks and shoes in hand,
saying, "Worms? Worms?"
We found dozens of them. I really like it when Mom finds them and shows them to me, 
but I have yet to get too excited about touching them myself.
 Which is probably a good thing as far as the worm is concerned. 

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