My friend over at www.tigerlilytinkering.blogspot.com has a great idea to do a Monday children's book (or sewing book) review, and since I fully intend on checking it out every Monday, I thought I should also do my part and contribute. I'm a loooooong way from reviewing sewing books, unless one considers, "Huh? But how do you...? Is that even possible?" a review; but children's books I can do. I am a huge fan and unrelenting critic. (Ask Winona about this and she'll tell you that I will flat out refuse to read any fairytale as retold by Disney Books. Sleeping Beauty is the worst and it is a great source of friction between my eldest and me. I simply won't read it... and she simply won't have it. Sorry, sweetpea--let this be your greatest incentive to learn to read. Mama won't do it.)

But, we received this one among a stack of other hand-me-downs from our cousins a month ago
and it is magic.
Its stories are whimsical, sweet and humorous
and its illustrations are pure gold. 
This picture makes me want to go to bed.
And wash my brown socks just so I can hang them to dry. 
 The Giant is wonderful and cute, the witch is feisty and ornery and the little boy just wants everyone to be happy. The whole thing just makes me smile. 
In this story, the feisty, ornery witch is at her broom's end with the Giant, whose movements about the 'hood cause her house to shake and the bats to fall into her brew among other things. So, she does what any self-respecting witch would do--brews a concoction. What it does I shan't say, for a review should not be a spoiler, but it delights my young readers...  

and me! 

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  1. thanks for this review--my two boys are so fascinated by giants.