Now We Are Six

Sometimes, the universe aligns to bring you Thanksgiving, Grammy, Grampa, Cousins, Uncles, Sunshine, Orange Trees and a Sixth Birthday... all in the very same weekend. Not often, but sometimes.

Like this past weekend, for example.

I spent a LOT of my time doing this: art with cousin Rory. She's a REALLY good artist and a very patient teacher. She's also nine, which makes her pretty near perfect in my world. 
After turkey, ham, yams, mashed potatoes, peas, cornbread, stuffing and cranberries, 
who doesn't have room for a little chocolate cake? 
Happy Birthday to ME! 

The next day, when we awoke from our food coma, some old friends of mom and dad's stopped by for some playtime...

Then we got out into the 80 degree dry heat and glorious winds to enjoy that SoCal weather!!! 

After countless hours of preparation, Rory and I put on our puppet show.
It was about 48 seconds long. I was really proud. Rory was really patient.

A professional photographer was retained to capture the three sons gathered together. This particular shot was posed around the SOUND asleep wee munchkin Jezebel who decided that 7 minutes into the photo shoot was the perfect (and only) time to nap all weekend long. 
(This is mom's shot, not the photographer's; I'm sure they love it when the amateurs lean over their shoulder to capture every shot they take).


The Handsome Brothers. 

Their beautiful children. 

Taking a break between shots. Jez still undisturbed by the commotion. 

Seriously? How do you SLEEP through all this? Uncle Todd, give her a wet willy in the ear. That'll wake 'er. 

Thank you, Grammy and Grampa! It was a weekend to remember... xoxox!

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  1. I love these! I can't stop laughing at the sleeping child in the middle of every photo!