Playin' In the (What No Rain?) Rain Day

Every year, rain or shine (and let's be honest--it's Oregon, it's gonna rain), our local Arboretum hosts Playin' In the Rain Day.

Oddly, it was sunny, blue skies all day long.

We made hot dogs,

masks and wetlands,
 and marshmallows, too!

And we found a whole bevy...flock... fleet... gaggle... of girlfriends. Seriously, if we had tried to plan all meeting up for the 12:30 hayride,it would have more likely frozen over in hell. But, without a single phone call or text, there we all were. Gleeful in our girliness and making the poor dad sitting next to Maya on the far right only slightly concerned for his welfare. 
 It was a super fun and sunshine-y day! 

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