Our Family Gift: Time at the Coast!

A Room With a View:
What these pictures don't reflect is just how much time we spent in this perfect little room. It was a STORMY, WINDY, RAINY week at the coast--which proved just perfect for the whole point of the trip, which was to spend un-distracted time together. We did a lot of art, watched a lot of movies, read good books and ate a lot of good food (thanks to Mike). We did get out onto the beach... just long enough to satisfy the pups, and get some good shots that make us look entirely more active than we actually were. :)
 Off to the pool! (trip #1 of about 47, give or take).

It's WINDY! Can we go back to the pool?

Perhaps you've heard the phrase, "like a kid in a candy store?"

Oh yeah. This is cool. I love my boots.

Happy 2012, everyone!!! xox

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