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It's all relative, of course, but this city we live in can seem smaller than the (actual) small towns I've lived in because of how everyone seems to know everyone and a "Two Degrees of Separation" rule seems to apply. Working in a community hub, this can occasionally feel a little clausterphobic for me, but sometimes it's awesome: like this time. As I've mentioned, Winona's K teacher is a good friend of mine. What I may not have mentioned is that my boss's wife also works at Winnie's school and keeps close tabs on her comings and goings. Through this channel, I often get reports on W's school day that she failed to mention; and I love it.

Here's a recent favorite:
The canine unit of the police department visited the Kinders last week and gave what I heard was a pretty riveting talk on what a Day in Their Life looks like. During the course of the talk one of the officers described the "tools" he uses and mentioned, among other things, the notebook and pencil that he keeps in his pocket...and he patted his chest pocket. When the presentation was all over, they asked for questions. When no hands went up, Ms. Clare (boss's wife) says, "I bet Winnie has a question." Without hesitation, Winnie asks, "What's in your other pocket?"

Not, you know, "Has your dog ever attacked someone?" or
"Have you ever been bit?" or
"Can I ride in your car and push a bunch of buttons?" or
"How cool is it that you get to track down criminals and make the world a safer place...?"

What's in your other pocket?

Do tell, officer. The suspense is killing this Kinder class.

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