family vacation

The G-clan just returned from a spectacular week in the Olympic National Park.
We camped in three different places--three different ecosytems: rainforest, coastal, subalpine!--and enjoyed the scenery and each other to no end. 

Hike into Irely Lake. Our theme for the day became: I really like Irely Lake! 
Little troopers...

Quiet time at camp...
 Cozy bedtime!

 Cooked a fish dinner over a beach fire one night...delish and fun.
 Getting sworn in as Junior Rangers. Jez really just along for the ride,                                                         but Winnie worked hard on this!
 Elk in the Hoh Rainforest

  Jezebel made very good friends with more than few inchworms.

 Lake Crescent-- great swimming (if a bit cold, but the wee ones never noticed) and great kayaking!
 Hurricane Ridge: Mike and I had been here before--in 1999. It was a magnificent and bizarro time warp to be back with our two kiddos. :)
And, most days ended with a s'more... so, as Jez is so often heard saying these days: 

 "Thumbs up, baby!" 

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