Welcome, summer

Despite what most of the country is experiencing, we rejoiced at our first (sustained and hot) rays of summer sun this past weekend... and soaked it up by, um, getting into the water? :) Headed down the Willamette to where it meets up with the mighty McKenzie and camped with a couple dozen-ish friends to celebrate a dear friend's birthday. It was fabulous! A couple of other friends had paddled in the night before to set up camp: and they did not mess around. We pulled up to a living room complete with blow up couches, rugs laden with pillows and a fully-stocked bar (suspended from a fallen tree= awesome). This crowd knows how to step things up in the world of camping. 

Boat is loaded. With the wee camper atop the gagillion pounds gear. 

And we're off... with wonderful friend and river guide, Kate!

Winnie swims! A non-rapidy, but quick, current made "swimming" a blast (wear lifejacket, get in water, lean back, put feet up and float...!) This is Winnie and our friend Don heading downriver.

More cute children atop loads of gear. Mostly adults at this party, but these two good friends of ours make great playmates and fellow adventurers

 The living room.  Where you could find us painting toenails and rocks, reading, chatting, napping and eating gourmet meals between games of bocci ball, river floats, volleyball and food prep....

 I found a lot of rocks and thought it would be just fine to bring them all home. I mean, if we can carry all thistuff in, why on earth can we not carry 40 pounds of rocks out? I wasaved only by the "No-Trace" Camping schpiel (leave everything as you find it). With a one or two rock exception.

  Our swimming hole...out of the current, shallow and warm. Perfect! 

Dressed up for the birthday party 
 And, since all good things do have to end, we loaded up this  morning and enjoyed a beautiful, fun float to take-out. Welcome, summer. Wonderful to have you around! 

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