BOO! We're Back!

We didn't actually go anywhere. We've just been here doin' our thing, but my laptop has been squirrely (the letter "s" doesn't always work--problematic!--for one thing), so I haven't been inclined to do any updates, but the pressure has been mounting, so here we are!

As any self-respecting holiday does, Halloween lasted a solid 6 days, with a Family Fun Night at the Y on Friday kicking it off, a Saturday night party with the friends and then culminating in the Day-Of Event: Trick Or Treating. This, of course, meant about 6 different costumes-- so many I'm afraid I didn't even capture them all on film. May I introduce: 

The Pink Unicorn


Pinkalicious (with friend from Avatar)

Glinda The Good Witch

And their Mama Bird

As is our tradition, we also gathered with friends for a night of Pumpkin Carving--Winnie does her own all by herself now! Jez was contented to look on while I carved giving "MORE SCARIER, MOMMY!" directives.
 I had turned in my ballot that day, so a fellow ex-Wisconsinite empathized with my need to get the I VOTED! sticker (which obviously doesn't happen in a mail-in ballot state)... and so she gave me a Sharpie Tattoo, instead. 

In other news, we had our annual Dr. Appointments... and we're growing strong and healthy! 

  And this Fall has been bizarrely beautiful. Fall is known to be our best season, but 75 on November 4th was weird by anyone's standards... We got out into it to fully enjoy it, of course, feeling deeply grateful for this being our "weird"-- and continuing to send our love and prayers to the East. 

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