Divide and Conquer

While Mike and Winona took on the great LA this past weekend, Jezebel and I held down the fort. It's fun spending time with the girls separately (albeit a lot harder--You want me to do what? Where's your built-in play mate?) Jezebel was such a chatter box all weekend long, highlighting how much it is, really, that WINONA talks (and talks and talks and talks) not leaving enough air time for the wee one to get her words in edgewise. I'm not worried-- when it comes to vying for her way in this world, Little Jez is up to the task. Here's what we did while she chattered: 

A little frozen yogurt goes a long way to ease the sting of not getting to go on an airplane. 
 Canning jars (and their lids) kept me busy for a loooooooooooooong time. 
 Mason jars are more fun than UO Volleyball, but the popcorn was good. 
 To find chestnuts, one must put nose VERY close to earth. You don't SEE them so much as you SMELL them.
 We came home with no fewer than 50 chestnuts. Jez got right to work on laying out the painting gear while I did some yardwork.
 And then, we made chestnut critters! 
 Winnie and Mike arrived home in time for W's first rehearsal of The Elves and the Shoemaker-- this fall's production!
They had a fabulous time in LA, and it was fun to have time with Just Jez... but we're all happy to be reunited. :)

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