To kick-start the Celebration of All Things Mama Day, we started the day with strawberry pancakes.
Dad took care of the pancakes; I was in charge of the strawberries.

Then we did some gardening (which is a job I take very seriously).

After "nap," (I put this in quotes, because mom and dad still think I sleep. Shhh. Don't tell that I actually color, read, rearrange my room and cook in my kitchen during "nap" time). I digress....
After "nap," we went to a fun park for a picnic and playtime.
I found some cool stuff with my magnifying glass.
And Mother's Day is now my new favorite holiday, since it ended with a trip to a divine dessert cafe that serves wildberry gelato.
We had a little party for our mamas on Friday at preschool.
(As evidenced here, I am pretty indifferent to the affections and friendship of the girl to my left.)