In celebration of our family of three, which will soon be transformed into a family of four, we spent the weekend at the beauteous coast...

Sorry, Bodhi and Lucy. Make that "...family of 5... into family of 6."

We had a great time running, digging and exploring on the beach, watching movies, taking naps, eating yummy food and just being together!

Running back and forth across the COLD freshwater tributary was a highlight for me...
But not for Bodhi who had to be carried across after MUCH urging on our part and much exploring upstream for a dry crossing on his part. He's sort of a wuss.

Yoga with mama...(who edited out most pictures of her because until she saw the pics from this weekend, was not quite aware of how unbelieveably enormous she is.)

I wasn't totally convinced that this was fun,
but when mom says, "Smile!", I try to oblige. Sort of.
Treasure hunting, on the other hand, was more fun than I can possibly put into words. Crab shells were my favorite. I collected DOZENS! Whoa. It's HUGE!

I learned how to play "GO FISH!" which was okay when we played by mom and dad's rules, but it really picked up when I added a new rule.
"Whoever gets the next card has to hide, okay?"
Turned into a game of Hide and Go seek and mom and dad didn't even notice. Sometimes you have to sneak these things in.

The weather was stormy and rainy, then sunny and warm all weekend long, which made for really pretty skies and sunsets. We saw one rainbow but it "didn't stick," so I suggested that we "put some glue in the sky." Mom said that would be a good idea, but then didn't go and do it, so the rainbow faded...

But here's the sunset!