Booyah! Now that was a weekend! We played, cleaned, cooked, hiked, sang, played with friends, sewed, napped and ate. Then we did most of that all over again.

It all began with the beetzza. Now, some may think it couldn't go anywhere but up from there, but I assure you, it was gooooooood. Mom made this yogurt dough for the crust, so it was sweet and heavy and more of a torte.

Julie: I'm learning to sew. At this stage, it's more like I'm learning to have the patience to sew. I'm not much of an instruction follower, which is why I love cooking so much. Give me a few basic guidelines and I like to just do my own thing. Cooking, I've found, is more forgiving. So, I'm learning to follow the rules and go step by step and DO every step despite my strong inclinations to create shortcuts. Bags, I've found, are a nice, gentle place to begin. This one is Winona's G'night Bag, which now hangs on her closet door, holding her pjs (previously found anywhere from under the bed to in the laundry to in the doll clothes bin or anywhere in between) and the books of her choice for the evening.

Tonight, she suggested that she pack it full of her clothes for school tomorrow, "so it doesn't sit empty all night." Sigh.

Jezzie: HI!

Winona: I have a proud announcement. I summited today for the first time on my own two feet. Spencer's Butte is MINE!

(Julie: this is no small accomplishment, for wee Nona--it's a solid 3+ mile walk, the first half of which is up, up, up, the last quarter mile or so of that of which is scrambling over wet rocks, in the rain, as it turned out. She was a superstar trooper).

I like the mud. I didn't like it so much when I FELL in the mud, but I like the mud.
Mom gave me a couple chances to head back down before we reached the top. No way, Jose. We came to summit, I'm goin' up. It wasn't until after finishing our lunch at the top that I said, "Momma, my body is telling me I'm done walking."
(Julie: Yeah, well, your body is in for one of life's little lessons: What goes up, must come down. On its own. Without piggy back rides.) I rallied and made it down with pretty good spirits the whole way.
Bodhi and Lucy: We were very grateful for Winona's perseverence. This Butte used to be a 2-4 time a week adventure for us. It's been MONTHS. Darn kids.

J: Hey! I went too! But, granted, I slept on Mama's chest for most of the way, so I don't get to bask in the glory of the summit. Still, I was there. For the record.
Here, I am eating teething biscuits. Mostly, these are great for chucking on the floor.
(Note the dog in waiting. He's no dummy).