Visualize Whirled Peas...

...or, at least, just visualize whole ones actually making it into my mouth. This self-feeding thing is slightly frustrating, but make no mistake: I am up to the challenge. If it involves solid food...bring it.

Another "first" this week that went unphotographed: Swimming. My mom, dad and sister and I went to the pool together and I LOVED it. I got to kick my legs and flail my body and screech joyfully. What's not to love?

I'm an intense kid. I laugh a lot, smile always and rarely, rarely cry, but I am intense. I give you a wee glimpse in this video, but you ain't seen nothing yet. Every once in a while, when I supremely focused and verbal mom and dad give each other a "whoa, what are we in for?" look. Not sure what that's about-- I am nothing if not pure angel.

(In case you're wondering, Dad and Winnie are concocting dinner in the background...Not sure why everyone didn't just grab a handful of peas and call it good).