W: As we celebrate a new year, I would like to share with you a few things that I'm all about these days.
1) I have imaginary friends. Their names are Sweetie and Keller. (Note from Julie: the latter bears my maternal grandmother's maiden name, so if you're here with us G-Grandma, nice to have you!) W: Mom sits on these friends a lot, so I spend a good deal of our play time moving them to safer resting spots. Oy vey.
2) I like dresses something fierce. The frillier the better and don't even try putting me in cords or jeans. I revolt. The picture above was taken when I came down and announced I was "ready for bed." My pjs are on underneath the rest of it and life, my friends, is too short to be caught without a tutu.
3). Jezebel is the best thing that has happened in my world. She laughs at everything I do and lets me put hats on her head. Bodhi and Lucy don't giggle and tend to get a little feisty about the hats.
4). I'm a negotiator. I'm goooooooood. Each of my parents thinks I get it from the other. I say it's my very own talent...and really, so long as I get (insert any number of treats, extra minutes, additional books, etc. here), what does it matter?
5.) I'm a good kid. Not to toot my own horn, but you out there in cyberland who love me should know that I take good care of stuff-- like other people's feelings, my safety and that of others, toys and other things that should be toys, etc. I'm a good mannered, good natured kid --a few strategically placed moments of whining aside. Mommy and daddy better know how good they have it... ;)