But ah. Those su-ummer ni-iiiiiights!!!! Tell me more... Tell me MOOOOOOOORE!!!

Gotta love a day that ends with a bikeride down to the pool.

J: Winnie taught me how to stick my face in the water and blow bubbles. I'm demonstrating here. It loses some of the effect on dry ground, but take my word for it: this trick is a game-changer.

We ran into some friends, and in an attempt to buy some more time to sit and chat in the sunshine, our moms sent my buddy Cole and I off to the concession stand to buy a pretzel. This was a first: Mom gave me money and the chance to walk right up to the woman and order a pretzel. (This woman, I'll have you know, was surrounded by all sorts of tempting distractions from a pretzel, but I digress; and yes, I stuck with a pretzel-- but when she said, "Plain or with cinnamon and sugar?", I did my best to keep my composure -- my sugar intake fate in my own hands?!?!?!-- and non-chalantly chose cinnamon).

This will be a very satisfying treat.
Yup. That was fun. We see many more of these nights in our summer's future.

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