Today, after a lazy lazy lazy morning and afternoon, we kicked it into high gear and took a Library/ Park Adventure. We have a gorgeous library, and since Jez was fascinated in the persistent way that only a One Year Old can be, we decided to change gears from "book hunting" to "Library Exploration."

J: Later! You guys can go if you want to; makes not a hill of beans difference to me.
I'm gonna go up these stairs. Again.

Then off the park for a snack, some sand play (which doubles as another snack for Jezzie), and some climbin' and swingin'.

Jezzie went down the slide three hundred (give or take) times and insisted it be by herself. Winona is uninterested in slides and hung where you see her here, saying "slides are scary." Yup, we've got two different kiddos here.
Again, you guys feel free to leave if you must. I've got more to do here at the park.
I win.

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  1. I love it! It is like Callum and Jude, to a T. Callum says, "I don't stand up in my chair. No. That's not safe. Look at me sitting nicely and politeful" WHILE Jude stands up in his chair, teeters on the edge and laughs! Love your library, it looks inspiring, our is so dingy and small.