Reminds me of The Onion article:
 "Girl announces she wants to be a
Or, in this case,
a cheerleading doctor. 

I got me some new galoshes,
a baby doll
 and a Bucky Badger hoodie.
I'm ready for anything.

In honor of his rockstar focus on his health and well being lately,
Mike got a raw food Christmas Dinner... which we all enjoyed
(mostly) and, if nothing else, had a very fun
time experimenting with this style of
food preparation. I made a Gingerbread Cake
which was not raw, but vegan and gluten-free...
and it saved the day as far as Winnie
was concerned.

And this? Well, this just goes to show you that
the we know how to celebrate in supremely
classy style. 

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  1. that was the best onion ever. this should be added to winona's curriculum somehow.