Tonight, Winona and I, Julie, went to see the symphony's Yuletide Celebration-- a variety show featuring Tap Dancing Santas (hilarious and fabulous!), a 12ish person chorus, a phenomenol 20-25 minute or so rendition of The Christmas Carol in which ONE MAN did the entire thing as a monologue while a cast of 20 or so acted it out... simply incredible theater!, amazing soloist who sang a gospel called Rise Up, Shepards and O Holy Night--cried during both, ballerinas, battling xylophonists, Mrs. Clause, cute little elves and a finale appearance by Santa... all with a full symphonic backdrop. Whew. Amazing. Fun. Inspiring.

Winnie wants to get back into ballet classes and "see if Megan is doing anything new these days" (Megan was her ballet teacher last year). She really, really, really wants to be "on a stage like that!" I would really, really, really love that. The "Stage Bug" bit her at her dance recital last June (click here) and tonight's dazzling performance--all those young kids on stage!--brought back the itch.

No cameras were allowed in the theater, so you'll just have to take my word for it: Winona was pretty darn cute laughing and clapping and singing along!

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