Chappy Chanukkah!
 And Happy Winter! Today, after rearranging the living room to accomodate a Solschrisnakkah tree, we went to get it, brought it home and decorated it. I, Jez, checked out for a nap after getting the tree in the door, and left the hanging of lights and ornaments to the rest of the fam...
Because, I had to rest up for the annual Winter Lights Faire at the Waldorf School.
The Faire is a dreamy celebration of the season--with open fires, dreidel games, candle-making, silk-dying, wreath decorating, etc... fun happening throughout the Waldorf campus. Winona took in a puppet show, of which there are no pictures because someone, who shall remain unnamed, was not displaying her best puppet show audience behavior. We all made it through the (abbreviated) version of the Nutcracker, however. Winnie was rapt.

Came home, had dinner, watched the Wizard of Oz and fell fast asleep by 7:30.
There are definite bonuses to the shorter days, thinks mom. "Bedtime" can come mighty early. :) 

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