The Good Times



We have very different senses of humor, but they are, for the most part, compatible.

I, Jezebel, get on Winona’s nerves when I try to get in on her playthings. The thing is, Winona makes things look mighty fun, then she makes it so easy to just go up and take said “things” and give them a whirl myself.

She gets sad---mad even---but she doesn’t actually DO anything about it. She sometimes tries to explain to me the virtues of sharing; other times she calls upon mom or dad to reinforce the rule of “taking turns”--- but no matter what the fallout from her end, I have time to play. By the time justice is demanded, I am usually content to move on to something else, and wander happily off….

I sometimes think this makes Winnie even more mad.

And it should be noted that she takes my stuff, too. Quietly and wearing a look of feigned innocence that sometimes mom and dad actually BUY and that SENDS me. And trust me… there ain’t no doubt about whether or not I’m upset about something. I think subtlety is a profound waste of time.

I am equally passionate about what thrills me. Winnie thrills me most of the time…. and I thrill her. We laugh a LOT, and she is really good about helping me out with stuff. She takes a real pride in knowing how to do things like open lids, get doll’s arms through shirt holes and reach snacks in the pantry. I forgive the slight patronizing tone because she’s being so good about getting me what I want. And, as recently noted, what’s good for me is good for all in the house.

In other news, I hate the vacuum and I love the moon and the Boom Boom Pow song by the Black Eyed Peas, so I say, “All done vacuum!” “Boom Boom Pow?” and “Mommy! Moon!”  hundreds of time, in rotating and repeated fashion all. day. long.

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