A wonderful Valentine's Weekend surprise came in the mail from Gramma and KooKoo, complete with beads and necklaces that kept us project-focused for a very long time. Long enough to create this wonder:
 Then, the skies cleared and we headed out to the garden. In Round One of Mom vs. The Blackberries, the Blackberries won, hands down. But she had a clear advantage over the weeds within her reach from where she sat and drank her coffee. Apparently, one must ease into the gardening season. 

This is our Secret Spot. Shhhhh. Don't tell.

As we all know, Monday is a very special day which requires me to show up at school with 24 valentines ready to lovingly drop into 24 friends' Valentine Bags. So, today, we got busy. 

I have made an extra special one for Connor. I am going to marry Connor. I've told him and I remind my parents daily that we have wedding plans to make. As far as I can tell,
 the only thing that changes once you announce your engagement is 
that Mom gets more strict about Disney Princess Movies.

I'm not into boys, yet. But I am into Playdough.
I'd be able to make something cool if only mom would 
provide me with a few more colors. 

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