A few "reflections" on our weekend. HA!

The ladies in the family (sans Lucy) headed up to see some fab friends and meet the newest addition: wee Coletta, who is by every measure, perfection.

So, that would be Kiva, Julie, Roberta, Ione, Winona, Linden, Jezebel and Coletta. You do the math. Roberta aptly named it Girl Pandemonium. If you've read Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood, you're starting to get the idea. 

Welcome, wee Letty. 
You are spectacularily (no, it wasn't a word before this child, but it is now) scrumptious.

Have you ever seen such studious looks accompanied by tiaras and boas?
Me, either.
These three play so well together, all things considered (ages, three's-a-crowd, distracted mamas, inevitable sleep deprivation and late meals --see "distracted mamas" etc.) 

Off to the science museum! 

First thing I found was the Chipmunk Suit. If they're not going to let me be naked (i ask often and try frequently), then I might as well be dressed up as a rodent. 

I want to pet the fish.
Don't tell me I can't pet the fish.
You know how I feel about not being able to pet the fish.
You don't? Well, let me remind you.

The best part of this was the Proud Big Sister exclaiming,
 "LOOK, JEZ! You're as tall as mama's HAND!"

"Hey, Nona, can you smile like Fred?"

Gammijas Winonie and Ione. J'adore...

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