For a fun change of pace, we tried to go au naturale this egg-dyeing season. 
Beets- Red
Tumeric and Yellow Onion- Yellow
Hibiscus, Red Wine and Purple Cabbage- Purple

The results were mellow, earthy colors; not the brilliance of the Paas Pack, but worth repeating (and improving).
The pictures don't quite do justice. The blue/purple was my favorite, since it turned out sort of silvery, and although they all look like deeper shades of the original brown egg shell in the pictures, the colors were more purply and bluish than represented here. 

In other news this weekend: a birthday party at a fun, new park...

 and Family Fun Night at the Y! 
The highlight of this Friday night adventure was Winona's Swim Spectacular. Winona and her 4-5 year old friends swam the width of the pool and back (W chose the breast stroke one way and a version of the butterfly for the return trip). Then they jumped off the blocks and swam to the side.
Learning to swim is a pretty awesome pre-school perk!!
And here's one of Jez on dry land, although she tried her darndest to get off our laps and show us her stuff in the pool, as well.

 It's all enough to wear a girl out. 

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this last picture with the girls crashed out and I love Jez's Flushed cheeks! So sweet. Ugh, wish our girls could meet and that I could see you!! Someday we must make it happen!!