Ok, really, mom? I know the sun's out, but it's COLD and this water is FREEZING!
Yeah, yeah, yeah...just smile for the camera and say 'Happy Spring!' 

 In one of those "I have to get out of the house immediately" moments, I loaded the girls into the car and we headed to a place where we could stick toes in the water--or they could anyway; too cold for me--sit by the river's edge, climb a few trees and soak in some sunshine. This was my first "post-op" day that I've felt up for such an outing, and as soon as I realized that, there was no turning back. Granted, a tad chilly, but it was a fun afternoon.
A shot in which Winona Lou shows off yet another gap in her smile... lower (her) right taken by the tooth fairy last night in exchange for a Fiver since the tooth fairy had no change in the house. When will these modern children accept debit cards, I ask you?

There is something oddly relaxing and joyous about throwing rocks in the water. Between the three of us, we drastically altered the landscape of this bend in the river today with all the rock displacement we did. After a rousing game of "sink or swim?" (find an object, guess what it will do, throw it in, cheer), we went back to throwing rocks. When our fingers were numb, we decided it was time to call it a day...

There was a wedding on the grounds and we had to walk across a footbringe in front of the Bride and Groom getting their pictures taken--and Winnie was smitten. "Why aren't we invited?"
"They're strangers. They don't know us, so don't invite us."
"Can't we just have a wedding then? I love Connor. I could marry him right here tomorrow."

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