Camping trip this weekend!
A beauteous lakeside campsite in the Cascades...

I could eat them at this point of the day: when they're all cozy and warm and sleepy-smelling. But then what would I do the rest of the day? 

 Exploring camp-- tent and hammock in background.

On a wee hike, we found ourselves here, which practically feels like summit-ing. 
I think this counts. 

And after any summit, one needs a hammock

 Accessible only by boat, our campsite was in the shadows of South Sister, Broken Top and Mt. Bachelor. Gorgeous.

 A midnight cruise... full moon! We ended up at another camp site (hi, neighbors!), playing glow-in-the-dark bocce ball. Yeah, not what we were expecting, either, but you just never can tell with full moons. Never can tell.

Mt. Bachelor in the background. Married man with dog in foreground.

I really like camping. 
I'd like to go boating now, if someone could gimme a hand here. 


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