I felt vaguely guilty waiting for a parade
while the east coast waited for Irene. 

But the peace train rolled in and I figured, What to do, but be at peace and send protective thoughts eastward?

What to do, but receive a mini copy of the bill of rights by a man who urged me  "not to lose them."

People who live here can be heard sighing, "I love this place." 
Visitors mutter things about it all being "what one should expect of this place."

I hear words like "freaky," "weird," and "hippy" (and I'll give ya the Slug and accompanying Slug Queen) but I like to think of it more as
"Hopeful" -there are untold parade entries devoted to a more peaceful existence,
"Kind"- The "let's be nicer to other people" entries are equaled only in number by the "let's be nicer to animals" entries.
"Fun"- And what's not fun about a 40-person-long Slug Puppet, followed by the recently coronated Slug Queen followed by Congressman Peter DeFazio scooping up the Slug Slime? (As if this guy wasn't cool enough, he does this every year).

So, I wouldn't miss this parade for the world. Or, for the end of it, as the case may be.
We sidewalk-chalked a sunshine while we waited, sending its calm, warmth and peace to the East Coast skies. 


A Vet For Peace really liked it

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