The days are getting shorter-- this I know mostly because I've been caught without lights on my bike twice this weekend, at an hour when a few weeks ago I would not have needed them. And I noticed that a long sleeve shirt would have been nice too... It's the best time of summer in Oregon. The time that feels like it's turning the corner, but really, we're good for another 4+ weeks... 
So sure am I, that I planted another round of greens in the garden this weekend. The optimism is fueled by the abundant harvest and beautiful flowers this time of year. We gorge ourselves on berries daily, and our CSA haul has us googling creative ways to eat leeks, cucumbers, kale, potatoes, eggplant and more. 

 If one thinks that running through the sprinkler with an umbrella sort of defeats the purpose, one has not tried it and learned of its joys. 

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