Happy Birthday, Daddy!

There is no quietly sliding through a birthday with these two little party animals in the house. Not that we would want to, of course, but when Mike says, "All I want for my birthday is a family dinner," Winnie hears "Balloons! Banners! Bands! Music! Decorations! Confetti! Friends! Games! Clowns! PRESENTS! AND IT ALL HAS TO BE A SURPRISE!!!! 
Mama. We need. to. start. planning. NOW!"

So, the balance for me, of course, is to do just enough to satisfy the wee ones' need for PAR-TAY, and actually celebrate MIKE! 
Turns out: a cake goes a looooong way to still their beating party hearts.
 Making the cake was pure heaven. 
Winnie insisted that she make Daddy's Birthday Crown, and Jezebel made him a mask. (I'm hoping that doesn't become a tradition for her, it's a little creepy. Maybe next year I'll suggest the Birthday Cape or the Birthday necklace instead...???) 

 Ok, seriously, Jez. The cake is all gone. 
It's like partying with frat boys.
Happy Birthday, Mike! Confetti! Bands! SURPRISE!! 
We love you!

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