Happy Spring!!!

Spring has arrived! Buds are blooming...
 animals, frolicking...
...and we're working out in the garden! 
Reality check: The first day of Spring brought with it a FREAK snow storm, with HEAVY, WET snow that did lots of damage around the whole city. This was the end of our driveway for two days. Stayed home on Snowmageddon Day 1; walked to work on Day 2. 
 Trees have since been removed and the snow has since melted... but sheesh, what a freak show.
In other news:
Jezebel had a serious case of the "I hate this snow stuff." which could be attributed to the outbreak of hives she had that day (we thought it was Chix Pox at first)... or it could be attributed to the fact that it's really cold and wet and requires ungodly amounts of layering. The hives were diagnosed on Friday morning, and pretty much cured by now. Allergic rxn to something: strawberries is our current best guess. (FYI: should you ever be snowed in during a skin rash outbreak, ground oatmeal, witch hazel, tea tree oil and aloe gel mixed together make a fabulous salve for the skin. :)
Tomorrow starts Spring Break! All that means for us is that we get to sleep in one glorious hour or so later and take Winnie to Y Spring Break Camp instead of school. I'll consider it a great week if we can get through it without any more snow or hives. :)

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