Oh The Places We Go

Some days, just the thing that one may be needing,
Is a party to celebrate the wonders of reading,
And what better inspiration, what better muse
than Teddy Giesel, whom we know as Seuss?!

Last week was his birthday, 
and we had such fun!
We dressed up each day and
 when it was done, 
We came Friday night to our school for THIS fest:
And wanna guess what we liked the best?

Eating lollipops.

But the activities were cool, too. We got seed packs, and promised the Lorax we'd plant them.
We had our faces painted and did a Book Walk. We shot hoops and went "fishing" for booky prizes and saw lots of our friends from school. It was a fun week of celebrating Seuss: the man who has probably single-handedly inspired more readers than any other one person in the history of ever. 

Then on Saturday, we broke out the bling and headed to the big city. 
(Don't worry, I was a passenger when I took this picture...)
Jason was driving us to the theater where he would perform and I would watch a fantastic show!

 It was not a kids show, however, so the short ones stayed here: with our Gammas and Gamma Cousins. Girl Pandemonium is the only way to describe 5 girls between the ages of 1 and 6--or 8 girls between 1 and 36, depending on how you're counting your girls.
A brief but wonderful overnight, and them home to a gorgeous afternoon, where the wee ones played outside while Yard Spring Cleaning began! 

Now, our attentions fly away to NeverNeverLand-- with a full week of rehearsals and a SHOW on Friday night! Yeah! AND! Grandma will be here this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait! 

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