We just returned from a fabulous coastal getaway with Grammy and Grampa. Our house was perfectly situated ON the beach, so we could watch all the storms roll in (and out and in again) and watch the tides do the same. I learned about High Tide and Low Tide-the former keeps you from playing on the beach. Here I am checking out the view with Grampa and Lucy.

Went into town to get groceries and check out the sites.

Grammy and Grampa took us to the Aquarium, which was pretty much the coolest thing. Ever. Highlight (unpictured) was the feeding of the seals, although being inside of a fishtank with papa was up there.

Mom's favorite:

Walk through tunnels--fish and sharks and scuba divers above and below.

But mostly, we did art,

played games,

read books (thank you Gramma and KooKoo and Aunt Jenny!)

listened to music,

played music,

enjoyed the spectacular view,

took some walks on the beach,

and played in the backyard (while mom climbed a tree).

It would have been an altogether perfect vacation if Grammy and Grampa hadn't been eaten by a shark.