As you can see by the look on our faces, my friend Maya and I needed a little bit of convincing that this was going to be fun. If anyone could rally us, though, it was our moms, whose enthusiasm was almost embarassing.

It didn't take long. Turns out, if you sit down on one of these sleds, gravity and ice work their magic to create some serious fun.

I got a litte cocky...

..and paid the price. (I'm actually about to laugh here, not cry. Just to set the record straight).

This stuff is not only fun to play in, it's fun to eat! (Yes, my fingers are numb, but before anyone gets too hard on my mom, know that I was being quite obstinate about not wearing gloves to the point where I believe my mom's words were something along the lines of, "Alright fine. They're your fingers." Funny how it takes adults so long to figure out the most basic of things).

After this, we went over to another friend's house for pumpkin muffins, hot apple cider and a thrilling round of Kiddos In Hot Pursuit of Poor Old Cat Who Really Wishes We'd Go Back Outside.
Snow days are very good for the soul.