When we didn't get the record-breaking blizzards on the valley floor that we were promised, we went in search of some snow of our own.

Here's a little, but not enough for my snowman.


I wasn't the only one who found peace and happiness on our adventure... Bodhi loves to burrow his nose and romp like a little snow plow, which cracks us all up, but is hard to capture on film. Lucy had a little adventure of her own when we ran into a woman who brought her pet rabbit (!) out to romp in the field. Lucy started off curious, became frisky and playful and then launched into a full-fledged bunny chase that mom and dad were pretty sure would end very, very badly. Bunny fled into some bramble that trapped them both long enough for a rabbit rescue, and we were all very relieved. Except for Lucy, who was just pretty bummed.
Came home for some hot cocoa, a pb and j, a minor tantrum ("I'm not TIRED!") and a nap, which I am now two hours into, and sadly therefore proving mom and dad right about the whole tired thing. Hate it when that happens.