We went to the park a few times this weekend... and here are some shots of our growing selves. W: She does a lot of this. Today, my first words when I woke up were, "Mommy, is she big enough, yet?" in reference to previous questions regarding when Jezebel will be big enough to eat, play, paint, run, talk, sing, etc... Mom said, "No, not yet, hon."

Maybe tomorrow.

Okay, how about now? Not yet? Sheesh.

Okay, after all this sleep, she MUST be ready for SOMEthing. Nothing? Okay, I'm off to play with water and sand. And while you, Mom, are sleeping and you, Dad, are working, I'll just help myself to some snacks. (Yes, I took out the rice cakes, the pb and the knife--only made a little too much noise doing so, so mom caught me at this stage).

W: I'm taking pictures... and getting better and framing in my subjects!

...mostly. Although this is sort of artsy, don't you think?

I took this one, too!
Have I mentioned berry season?