Happy Father's Day...
(It's a day late, but we love our Daddy everyday so who's counting?)
Top Ten Reasons our Papa ROCKS! Mostly by Winona, but only b/c Jezzie cannot appreciate the finer Daddy Things In Life quite yet.
10. He plays us music.
9. He lets ME play music. With him. For him. A capella. Accompanied. Recorded. Live. Music. Music All Day All Night with Daddy-o.
8. He Gardens--flowers to make bouquets for mommy, berries for me and veggies for everyone (The berries are for everyone, too. I suppose. Theoretically.)
7. He sees the same fridge and pantry mom sees, but mom sees "nothing in the house." Dad sees a mexican fiesta dinner. And makes it. And cleans it up.
6. He says things like "Let's keep Winnie home today (from childcare)" and "It's okay, mama, I got this one" (when she's getting her undies in an unnecessary bundle), and "How can I help you, Winona?"
5. He is funny and thinks we're funny, too.
4. He's more likely (than other parental figures who shall go unnamed) to let me watch movies, stay up late, read just ONE MORE book, etc.
3. He plays HOP ON POP! Lots. Every time I ask.
2. He tells us Happy Little Girl Stories. Lots of 'em. Every time I ask.
1. He loves us "TOO MUCH!" Always. We don't even have to ask.

We love you, Daddy!!!!!!