W: So mom is under strict orders to spend "one week IN the bed, one week NEAR the bed and one week AROUND the bed." As we 'round the corner from NEAR to AROUND, I'm getting a little antsy for her to get up and going, already. However, it's been super fun having first my Gramma, then my Grammy here to play with me and keep all things running smoothly around the house (i.e. laundry is clean, dishwasher clean and emptied and yummy meals on the table each night!). I've been quite helpful myself, as you can see below. These windows, usually picasso-ed with doggie snuzzles now have nice streaky stripes on them thanks to my handiwork. (Mom says to tell you not to worry-- it's just vinegar and water in my spray bottle).

J: Since I tend to spend most of my days eating and sleeping, I don't have much to report, except for this little interesting tidbit:
my bellybutton is a perfect spiral.
Pretty cool, huh?