J: I roll over now. Front to back. Add it to the list: Drool. Giggle. Roll.

Although, to give myself a tad bit more credit, I am just beginning to round the corner from infant into baby. Yeah, you know the corner. The one that makes me a little more receptive, interactive, interested, and smiley. They didn't think I could get more smiley. I did.

A fact which, I realize, is not illustrated here. I'm a little perplexed by the camera and think it should be gazed upon with skepticism at best, cold and steely malice at worst. (Mom edited those out; she gets a little frustrated when I am super giggly and sweet and she runs into the next room, only to return to the "'Not the CAMERA' look" My sister, as you'll notice in the following posts, has an entirely different reaction to the emergence of the camera from its case...)