W: Weddings and cousins and planes, oh my! Where to even BEGIN!? It was a fabulously perfect wedding week in Chicago... Here I am with my GORGEOUS and LOVABLE (and just a tad bit crazy, but I'm hardly in a position to judge) Aunt Jenny--the BRIDE!!!

I also love my cousins (all of whom are not pictured here)--and I love that I HAVE cousins. Who knew? I flew to Chicago for a wedding and stumble into a veritable treasure trove of lovin' cousins. They hold me and hug me and kiss me and let me borrow their sunglasses and pearls (see below). Magic. Cousins are pure magic.

(Um, hello! Over here!)

Cousins, it seems, are the people to turn to for fashion.
J: I love my cousins, too. I demonstrated this mostly through excessive drooling and lots of smiles. I think they understood what I was trying to say.

W: I like the Big City!
Not so sure about Dim Sum (folks, we may have found I food I do not like). But! I did think the chopstick thing was pretty cool. And it seemed like this guy knew how to party, so I had to hang out with him for awhile.
This picture represents a taste of the hundreds of pictures that are just too much to post here: the three generations of family gathered 'round for a fabulous weekend: My uncle Brian, Great Uncle Bob and me. (Mostly, I was not this violent, so I'm sure he had it coming--perhaps he had said something less than flattering about my man Obama).