W: The changing of the seasons offers us a grand opportuity to stop and reflect on all of the changes we're experiencing. From my perspective, Big Sisterhood is the Big Shift--and I'm adjusting with grace and humor and ginormous amounts of love and affection for the wee babe. It's abundantly clear to me and to my parents that I am no longer a baby. Jez is the babe, I, my friends, am the BIG KID! I demonstrate this most notably with how I'm talking to people and what I'm choosing to say; for example, a sampling from today:

"I'm going to go brush my teeth now. You change Jezzy's diaper, Mom. That's the deal."

"Mom, could I get the cleaning rag and spray bottle? The fridge is kinda a mess. No biggy, but it's kinda a mess. I'll do it, Mom. You take care of Jezzy."

"Dad, I'm pushing your buttons to make you laugh."
J: What I would most like to see change is my position in the front pack. A few inches higher, please, mama. I'm drownin' in here! But...pretty trees, huh?
Julie: For me, the biggest change is, no shocker here, having TWO! Sometimes it feels like herding cats (are you sure there are just TWO?) and other times it flows so gently and sweetly. Mostly, it feels like it's always been this way. Although I'm pretty sure the pace used to be a tad bit slower. And I vaguely remember needing an alarm clock to get up before 8. So, change... yes, it's sort of strange how number two changes things exponentially. Yet, even more strange is how there is time and energy and humor enough for that to happen...and for it all to now feel just about perfect. Just like the colors on these trees!! And fall! I love Fall.