Rode the rails this weekend, folks. We felt so very "east coast" or "euro"--and had a blast!

Here it comes!

On the 2.5 hour journey north, I made silly faces,

rocked out on my air guitar,

colored while Jezz ate mom's scarf,

and held my sister.
J: I checked out the world...

...and smiled. W: Mom kept exclaiming over the colors and the day and the Fall. I would occasionally give in and say, "Yeah! Beautiful!" but this is just mom's thing... I could take a tree green, orange or leafless.

W: This is mom's friend Jason. He's my friend now, too. He's funny.
We went to a party in celebration of Gamma Birdie's marriage to sweet Ben, but mom forgot the camera. In a word (give or take), it was delicious--full of wonderful people and gorgeous food, in a cozy, beautiful home. Great trip!!!