I'm playing soccer with my friend Nora, and about 30 other 3,4 and 5 year olds. This is now my third year with this clinic and I'm getting pretty good. Meaning, I don't just sit and make daisy chains, anymore.

 Nope, I use my game face. Bring it.

To celebrate the Equinox, Mom and Dad packed us up in the car right about the time they usually pack us off to bed and drove us out to a field in an arboretum where other lucky souls who got to stay up past their bedtimes gathered around a gorgeous stone circle and campfire under the full moon to play drums, share food and sing pretty songs.
Granted, I was slightly distracted by my wet feet and my exhaustion, however, I'm not quite bought into Mom and Dad's assertion that this is better than Christmas. But, as you'll see in this picture, I am being a good sport. (And truth be told, I did say soon after this shot, "This is the best time I've had with my family!" My feet weren't wet, yet.)

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