This weekend, I discovered wheels. And gravity. Combine the two (as on, say, the sloped driveway) and you have a ROCKIN' good time. (And parents whose speed surprised even themselves when they saw what I was up to).
After the initial bike discovery and launch, things quieted down a bit and the camera came out, so you get a much more docile scene.
The mount....

...and the bell. I think mom liked it when I sat here playing with the bell; at least she wasn't running after me, breathlessly expressing her appreciation for helmets.

In other news, I, Winona, am offically in the Big Kid Preschool Room. This is the last stop before Kindergarten so I'm honing in all my school-preparedness skills now. I am also getting mighty good at creating my own rationale for how I think things ought to be, explaining to Mom and Dad precisely why their train of thought is ludicrous and justifying antics in ways that leave mom and dad speechless. (You've met them, so I'll assume that you are duly impressed with this).
I teach Jezebel everything I know and I gotta say, this kid's quick.
I am taking piano lessons and loving it. I love to do things well, and get flusterated (my word and a good one, I'm sticking with it) when I get re-directed. This is, I suppose, a good lesson in learning how to learn without the Flustration.
I, Jezebel, think animal sounds are beyond hilarious. Especially the pig. And the cat. I mean, have you HEARD these things? Hilarious.
P.S. The floral headband is my idea and my doing. I assure you that it would not be there under any other circumstances.

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