The kids are in bed so it's too late for pictures. But we have some breaking news here at Chez Grossman: Winnie has a loose tooth. She and Mike were at a party tonight (celebrating someone's abundant harvest-turned-salsa, which had to be eaten by friends and neighbors lest it go bad)--Winnie was eating corn on the cob (with salsa) when she "felt something weird in her tooth." Yup, lower front right tooth is loose.

Tonight's bedtime story was about The Happy Little Girl and the Tooth Fairy. There's a part of me that feels a little weird about these stories of jolly men coming down chimneys and fairies leaving surprises (isn't this just lying tied up in a pretty package?), but most of me remembers how excruciatingly exciting it was to think about the tooth under the pillow and what it would be exchanged for in the night. So, now she wiggles her tooth and feels all grown up, and I head to my sewing machine to make a little tooth pillow... for the fairy to easily find the tooth, of course.

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  1. From where I am sitting this is two bit of amazing news. A LOOSE TOOTH. Holy smokes. Isn't that happening awfully fast. But also, the sewing machine is back in action. Yippee! And, a tooth pillow. What a great idea.